Frozen Food Varieties

  • Samosa

    Various types of Cocktail Samosas such as Punjabi, pizza, chocolate, Cheese Paneer Chilly, Cheese Jalapeno and Chinese blended with authentic spices.

  • Kachori

    Mashed with different flavors such as Pigeon Peas, Split Lentils, Green Peas filled & mix with authentic spices.

  • Fusion Kuclcha

    A soft textured flat-bread stuffed with different varieties such as Chhole, Bhaji, Tandoori Paneer, Mexican graded with cheese.

  • Pizza

    A round shape bread serve with home-made pizza gravy in different varieties such as Margarita, Veggie Delite, Cheese n Onion, Italian, Spanish Passion & Panner Express.

  • Pocket Roll

    Varieties such as Bhaji, Chhole, Mix veg, Pizza, Cheese Spinach & Maxican filled in pocket roll in authentic spices.

  • Cutlets

    Varieties such as Veg, Corn-Peas, Cheese Paneer & Harabhara filled with spices.

  • French Fries/Wedges

    French fries & Potatoes Wedges are a favorite food around the world. Its hot and crispy preparation with different flavors which satisfies hunger craving immediately. Both do not require eating utensils in informal situations, which makes them easy to eat.

  • Cheese Ball

    Small rounded varieties such as regular cheese ball, cheese corn chilly & cheese jalapeno.

  • Chhole

    A Delicious punjabi dish made little spicy to pinch the tongue with the flavour of hot and rich Indian spices and have a rich aroma

  • Bhaji Pav

    Is an Indian fast food dish that originated in Mumbai cuisine. it's a quick meal that can be grabbed on the go. The pav-bhaji is a preparation with a mixture of vegetables, either whole / mashed and garnished with coriander, chopped onion, and a dash of lemon

  • Parathas

    Homemade spices of Indian traditional Punjabi style delicacies filled into wheat flour with authentic Punjabi flavours.

  • Chutneys

    A combination of herbs and spices, chutneys are usually grouped into sweet, hot and blend forms, all the forms contains homemade rich taste of spices.

  • Patra

    A smooth paste of besan is applied over the colcocasia (arbi) leaves with spicy, sweet and sour flavors, rolled and steamed. It is a famous Gujarati Snack because it combines a good qualities of flavor and health!

  • Muthiya

    Muthiyas or dumpling can be fried or steamed. A savoury for the tongue. a smooth paste made of bajra and whole wheat and applied over the fenugreek leaves with Indian spices to satisfy hunger at any time of the day.